sarah conway

I’m Sarah, a 33 year old resin artist originally from a small village in County Durham.
I now live in the midlands and I create from my home studio in Bedfordshire, in the UK.

Resin has been part of my art in some way or another for the last 15 years. I started using
it in my early teens and after a few near misses with my teenage bedroom carpet I graduated
to casting in my parents’ garage — much to their relief!

Throughout school, university and even during my time travelling and working across the
world I still found time to create. My favourite media include paint, clay, ink, photography
and resin, and I’m very much a resin artist these days! I taught visual arts in a summer
camp in New York for 3 years in my twenties and now I’m settled back in the UK, living in
Bedfordshire. I create my art in my spare time, when I’m not working a busy day job in
central London.

In June 2018 I started sharing my art through instagram as a way of scrapbooking my
progress through a new medium. Inspired by some of the brilliant artists on Instagram,
I picked up alcohol inks for the first time this summer during some time away from my
day job, and started sharing my work and advice as a resin artist with other people wanting to
try it for themselves.  As I shared more of my work I started getting requests through my page –
ironflowerink – to sell some of my pieces. I make all of the pieces I list here myself,  using
techniques I have honed and tested, like my resin worms, or resin tubes. I’m now a guest
resin artist on a number of blogs, I work with art colleges and websites to create resin
classes, and I consult with brands and manufacturers to improve their products.

resin worms